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Parker Pumper Unit


This Original Parker Pumper fresh air helmet blower motor has 2 speeds and was designed for offroad and any type of racing where the filter can pick up good clean air with out ducting air to it. Ideal in offroad,dirt and truck racing. Dont forget a  3-way switch!

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Parker Pumper Starter Kit


Parker Pumper Starter Kit 10% SAVINGS

Includes: Parker Pumper Unit, Hose, 3-Way Switch  

Parker Pumper Starter Kit

Pro Light Starter Kit 


Parker Pumper ProLight Starter Kit 10% SAVINGS 

Includes: Parker Pumper ProLight, Hose, 3-Way Switch 

Parker Pumper Pro Light Starter Kit


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Parker Pumper was introduced into stock car racing, sports car racing, and many other venues. Through hard work and dedication, it became the popular choice among all drivers.