RRP357 2 Place Intercom System with Helmet Kits

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Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.07.27 AM.png

RRP357 2 Place Intercom System with Helmet Kits


The Rugged RRP357 2-Place intercom combines race proven performance, totalVOX control between driver and co-driver, and aluminum extrusion construction.

Featuring Quick Lock connections for intercom cables, music, GoPro in car cameras, and cell phones, makes the RRP357 the easiest intercom to install and adapts to almost any external device. Simply mount, plug in and turn on. It’s that easy!


Now features Dura-Link Sealed Helmet Kit. The Dura-Link Seal is a new molded design now featured on all Rugged helmet kits to seal the connection between the intercom cable and helmet kit plug. The Dura-Link Seal protects the connection contacts from water, mud, and dirt which can affect audio performance.


  • Total Control VOX operation
  • Universal 2-way radio connection
  • Auto music muting
  • Aluminum Extrusion construction
  • Quick Lock easy install connectors
  • Front 3.5mm music port
  • Easy connect for Go Pro in car cameras
  • 2-Place operation.

Easily connect to a 2-way handheld or mobile radio with the optional radio jumper cables. Dial in the transmit level with the adjustable gain pot for low or high impedance radios.

Enjoy listening to your favorite music with the universal 3.5mm or rear Quick Lock music port. The music with automatically mute when your driver/co-driver conversation begins and softly comes back with the conversation ends.

With the optional #CS-MUSIC-REC cable connected to the GoPro in-car camera connection port you can record the action and communications between driver, co driver and pit crew.

With the optional #CS-IPHONE-6P cable, users are able to connect a cell phone, such as an iPhone, Motorola, LG or Samsung, to dial and receive calls, or stream music.

Designed to be the most universal intercom available, the RRP357 can be configured to almost any application. From race vehicles, sandcars, to UTV’s, the high performance RRP357 will keep you connected.

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