RRP686 2 Place Intercom System with Helmet Kits

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RRP686 2 Place Intercom System with Helmet Kits


Connect two people with the RRP686 intercom for the best in audio clarity for unparalleled communications. The 686 can expand up to 6-persons if needed.

The new Revolution Series 686 Intercom from Rugged Radios completely redefines communication. Touch membrane controls and new circuitry deliver enhanced audio performance with increased adjustability. When compared to traditional control knobs, the touch membrane provides over 3 times the setting options for volume and VOX for the best in audio control.

One of the most powerful new features introduced on the 686 intercom is the Digital Memory. Now, when you power down your intercom or vehicle, your settings remain. You'll never have to go back and adjust again while riding.

The ultimate VOX Intercom system for clear driver and co-driver communications is the perfect plug-in and race system.


Now features Dura Link Sealed Helmet Kit. The Dura-Link Seal is a new molded design now featured on all Rugged helmet kits to seal the connection between the intercom cable and helmet kit plug. The Dura-Link Seal protects the connection contacts from water, mud, and dirt which can affect audio performance.

Also features high-output iPod port with Auto Muting. Listen to your music without any external amplifier like the other intercoms. Simply connect to a 12 volt system, plug in the extension cables, and put on your helmet. It's that easy!

Intercom Features:

  • 3X the incrimental settings over knob-based intercoms.
  • Adjustable depth and angle mounting.
  • Digital Memory stores your settings when powered off.
  • Waterproof touch membrane.
  • All new transformer based platform
  • 2 to 4 place with the ability to expand up to 8 places
  • RF Shield housing 
  • Total control VOX for clear communications in loud environments
  • Music In with auto muting
  • Detachable rear music/cell/audio port connection
  • Tune Mic Control 
  • High output amplifier for outstanding music listening
  • Isolated grounds for eliminating ground loop issues
  • DSP Capable

Kit Includes:

  • (1) RRP686 Rugged intercom
  • (2) 12' Intercom Extension Cables
  • (1) Straight Music Cord (for MP3/iPod)
  • (2) HK-OFSP Dura-Link Helmet Kit with Flex Boom Mic
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